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High visibility Tape Rail, the ultimate cattle and horse fence! Outstanding post and rail appearance! Economical! Lower cost and faster construction than anything else that looks/works this well. Tape Rail is the latest evolution of electric fencing designed to provide the very highest level of security for your animals, and to provide the very best appearance for your fences, with all of the visual appeal of a traditional white post and rail fence. Tape Rail transforms the look and the value of your property, at the same time as making one of the safest and most effective fences possible. Tape Rail is constructed with 4 unique conductive twines. Each twine contains 3 tinned copper wires. The twisted construction means that the tape can be highly strained without worry of breaking the conductive filaments. The tinned copper wires give Tape Rail a conductivity similar to 2.5 mm galvanized fencing wire. All of the polythene strands are fully UV stabilized to provide an extended lifetime in full exposure. Tape Rail is made with an open weave to control its aerodynamic performance. Provided that it is strained up to recommended levels, Tape Rail does not flutter, even during the heaviest winds. Tape Rail is highly visible to stock, such as horses, because of its width & high contrast. Tape Rail does not rely on movement to be seen and so is suitable for many of those applications where narrow tape has previously proven to be unsuitable such as dressage arenas. Tape Rail is easy and quick to erect and is easily mounted on steel or wood posts. For the "best" appearance, some care needs to be taken during installation to ensure that the fence flows in a continuous line, which is appealing to the eye.

Product Name: Tape Rail (4 inch)    Product ID: 009-806    details

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Product Name: Tape Rail Insulators    Product ID: 009-808    details

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Product Name: Tape Rail Connector    Product ID: 009-810    details

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Product Name: Tape Rail Inline Connector    Product ID: 009-812    details

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Product Name: Insulated Strainer    Product ID: 045-993    details

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